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New! Spiralbound notepads!


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Paper goods from Norwegian woods


All Pine Press is a Norwegian publisher and stationery manufacturer. All our products are designed and printed in Oslo. We use paper from the last remaining paper factory of its kind in Norway, Hellefoss Paper AS in Hokksund.

The factory
at Hellefoss

The factory at Hellefoss has been producing paper since 1898. Today Hellefoss Paper AS is the last remaining paper factory of its kind in Norway.

The factory´s total annual production capacity is about 50,000 tons of printing paper, made from wood pulp. The main raw material is spruce, the majority of which is supplied by local forest owners.


New ruled Notebooks

Rules or no rules. If you prefer to keep your notes straight our ruled notebooks are perfect for you. The notebooks come in two formats, 130X188mm and 105X148mm, and are 72 pages thick (36 sheets).



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Desktop accessories

We quite enjoy accessorizing our desktops. And even more so if our accessories also aide us in organizing our week.

Weekly desktop calendar.


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Collaborative projects

We love a great collaboration! This spring we have had the opportunity to devote ourselves to a truly great one. Together with Ingrid Aspen and Carlie Selvig we have created as series of three notebooks as part of a product range paying homage to the late Haugesund artist Trygve Goa. The notebook series is a project commissioned by Haugesund Billedgalleri.


Darkness loses its power when we give it a name.

Trygve Goa